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International Association of Christian Art & Media

If you make Christiaan Art or Media You Belong Here 

We Connect People Who Create Christian Arts and Media

Investors, Entertainers, Creators and More. 

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Last Years Award Winners

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Here's how ICAPAM can help you

Connect With People and Locations

Big DREAMS take big TEAMS. It is faster, easier and funner to work with people who love what you love and share your dream.

Live Events And Expos

The Largest International Christian Associations in person get networking even is AMAZING. Get connected to find out more. 

Win Awards

Over 150 categories of Christian Art and Production from editing films to Reggae music, what God put on your heart is important to us. 

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IA, Learn how to use it to make your movies and art faster 

IA is really cool and will change the speed at which we can make cartoons, training videos, music, advertisement and much more. 

Certification Programs

Get certified in your chosen field and have fun doing it. This helps people feel confident hiring you to help them with their project. 

Connect With Investors and Pitch Your Upcoming Projects 

ICAPAM creates a safe place for people to pitch their scripts anonamisly or publicly if they choose.

Our members say good things

You belong here, we want you!

“Finally a safe place to connect with people who love the Lord.”

Nora G.


“I love the community mindset and a place that cares about the Gospel ”

Mark W.


Awards & Nominations

Check out the winners of 2022

Best Short Documentary Of 2022

Jesus, The Soul Shepherd

How are we all “like sheep who have gone astray”? What does the Bible mean when it calls Jesus “the Shepherd of our Souls”? Learn about this profound relationship between the Shepherd and His sheep.
Check it out HERE

Nominated For Best Worship Song 2023

"Lamb Of God / Amen (Total Praise)" by Matt Redman and@DavidFunk Live From The Mission, San Juan Capistrano.

Best T. V. Series Video 2022

The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season series about the life of Christ. It’s the free show that tens of millions of people won't stop talking about.

Check it out HERE

Best Christian Reggae Mix 2022

Best of KennyMuziq. If you like music that's outside of the standard boring Christian music box this is fun.

About me and my equipment

I use industry standard equipment and accessories

Finally, a place for Christian Artist To Connect 

ICAPAM is a place for Artist, media makers, investors, and enthusiasts to connect, train, certify, learn and create together. 

Whether your a parent who's child wants to be a movie star or a full time professional we are the place for you.

What ties us all together is our Christian faith, commitment to excellence, and our kingdom mindset.

Jesus said "Go, ye therefor into all the world" and that means arts, media and entertainment. 

Professional Equipment Certification Programs

Learn how to use professional equipment, learn how to use professional record software and get certified. 

Learn IA to make projects faster and cheaper. 

Learn the best stock footage websites. 

Stay on top of what is going on in the industry.

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